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722.118 transmission adjustment guide

Before any adjustments can be made to the transmission, you must check the vacuum system. Refer to our page:        Diesel Vacuum system adjustments   and follow the instructions.

The vacuum modulator on the 722.118 transmission tells the transmission when to shift. If the modulator is not adjusted properly, symptoms of early shift, slip shift no kick down or late shift will occur. Once the vacuum system is in good working order you can adjust the modulator by removing the white cap.

If you have a symptom of early shift, slip shift or stacked upshifts, turn the adjustment "T" in (clockwise) to increase the pressure. More pressure, later shift.

If you have a symptom of late shift or no upshift, turn the adjustment "T" out (counter clockwise) to lower the pressure. Less pressure, early and softer shifts.

Vacuum Modulator:

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11239 iLex Ave.  Unit B
Pacoima, Ca. 91331
 818 7822300


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