1996 and up Mercedes 722.6 and 722.9 series automatic transmissions

 There are a number of reasons for the failure of the 722.6 and 722.9 style transmission. If your car is in the shop or if you are a shop, scan for error codes and use our DTC code list:  DTC Code List

 The switch inside the shifter, speed sensors or even engine sensors can cause a transmission malfunction. If there are any noises coming from the transmission, or if there is metal at the bottom of the transmission oil pan, the transmission has failed. This type of mechanical failure is common.

 We have determined that the single most common reason for transmission failure is because the transmission oil and filter is never changed. Old, contaminated transmission oil looses it's lubrication quality. A buildup of clutch material sluffed off over the years will make the fluid abrasive, sticking valves in the valve body as well as increasing the rate of failure of transmission gear and bearing components, creating  metal shavings to appear at the bottom of the transmission oil pan also gathering on the speed sensor pickups. This condition can cause the transmission to go into limp home mode.

 Follow this link to an excellent article about Transmission oil and transmission failure published in:   Yahoo! Autos   

 We require changing the transmission oil and filter every 2 years or 24,000 miles.    

722.6  5 speed:  Our rebuilt transmission and torque converter is shipped out complete. An exchange unit is required for a core, so when the job is done we make arrangements to pick up the core.

722.9  7 speed:

1. We can send you one of our remanufactured transmissions and torque converters.  First, we will need to issue a call tag to pick up your Valve Body and computer. Then we will rebuild and install your Valve Body and computer into our remanufactured transmission and send it to you complete. No programming necessary.

2. We can send you a remanufactured transmission, rebuilt torque converter as well as a remanufactured onboard computer. With this option, you must be able to SCN code the computer. Call us for SCN coding suggestions. 

We modify our 7 speed transmissions which prevents early failure. Either transmission purchase option offers a 2 year warranty with unlimited mileage*.

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